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Copyright Policy

A. Statement of Corporate Values, We at Foxwell SA recognize and respect intellectual property rights and are committed to fulfilling our moral and legal obligations with respect to our use of copyright-protected works.

 B. Statement of Corporate Obligations Regarding Copyright As a matter of moral integrity and adherence to copyright law, Foxwell SA, sets forth these policies for all customers and employees:

1. No employee or customer of Foxwell SA may reproduce any copyrighted work in print, video or digital form in violation of the law. Works are considered protected even if they are not registered with the S.A. Copyright Office or any registering agency outside the S.A.. and even if they do not carry the copyright symbol (©). Copyrighted works include, but are not limited to: printed articles from publications, electronic articles in online publications, online videos, movies, TV and radio programs, recorded music performances, images, training materials, manuals, documentation, software programs, databases, websites and blogs. In general, the laws that apply to printed materials also apply to visual and digital formats such as websites, streaming media, music downloads, mobile apps, CDs and DVDs. 2. Foxwell SA holds an Annual Copyright License from Copyright Clearance Center (CCC), which enables employees and customers of Foxwell SA inside and outside S.A. to lawfully reproduce and distribute content, in print or electronic format, as needed within the company. Please note that the license applies only to the works in CCC’s online catalog (available at and that, except for the limited external uses described above, the rights provided are for internal use at Foxwell SA only.

C. Instructions for Handling Copyright Infringement Foxwell SA expects its employees and customers to be responsible consumers of copyrighted materials. We also encourage employees and customers to educate their peers on copyright compliance. If any employee witnesses a potential copyright infringement, please bring the matter to the attention of the individual as well as to our sales reps to report the matter further.